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Level 80 reached! Not quite today, but last week. I know, I’m a bad blogger, but I’ve been busy with de’ heroics and bgs.


The inevitable respec to resto has happened. I’m not so upset about it as I am disappointed. Does *anyone* play healer classes(specs) anymore. The obvious answer is no for now. It probably has to do with leveling specs and such. I know I would never level as resto, so I can’t blame other players for not being as practical as I am, at least in regards to killing bosses and getting the phat loots.

On the other hand, I have the bored feeling creeping back from months ago, when raiding was torture, and all i wanted for Christmas was three weeks off from the game. My excitement is still holding that horrendous nagging down; who knows for how long.

I do love raiding, on the good days. On the bad days, I want to cancel my account. A year ago, the good balanced the bad out pretty well, but the last six months of raiding before Wrath, was worse than working in customer service getting paid minimum wage(been there, done that, not doing it again). So I’m sticking around, holding down the fort, saving private ryan, at least until I can tell whether the Old Schoolies are serious about raiding or will fizzle out. I really hope there is no fizzling.

Happy Holidays!
Bros before HO HO HOs!



Last night , I took a break leveling my shaman to heal for some friends who recently reactivated their accounts for Wrath.  My druid healed.  I miss my HOTs(Heal Over Time) spells.  Healing with my shaman requires much more attention to bars and incoming damage, where playing my druid, I maintain my HOTs and occasionally toss a Healing Touch or Swiftmend out.  In some ways, healing as a shaman is more engaging than as a druid, but in some fights, I really wish I had chain heal and my poison cleansing totem.

I was half hoping I could level in the dungeons with all the rested xp I had, but we had a couple 74s, which killed the EXP I gained.  My druid is still level 70. :*(  I half want to level her jsut to keep up with my friends, but it is more important for me to get my shaman to 80 so I can help the guild raid.


In my opinon, healing for druid should be all about HOTs.  If I had my way, I would use nothing but HOTs.  I like that it’s our niche, but if I think of the shaman healing niche, all I come up with is Chain Heal.  While Chain Heal is a good spell(I probably use it more than I should), I think they need to define shaman’s healing style as well as they do with druids.  I think Pallys need the same attention, though this is based on observation and not practice.  I have not played a pally or priest, yet.  Priests on the other hand have a clear niche, at least in the Discipline tree.  Damage Mitigation.  It’s like a preventative type of healing instead of an additive type.  So instead of refilling the HP cup, they’re preventing the HP from escaping.   In the whole game of healing, this is probably the most original niche so far.

If they could tighten the niches for pallys and shamans, I think the healing game would be much more diverse.  While druids are the masters of HOTs, priests are the rulers of damage mitigation, Shamans and Pally could be the kings and queens of their own niches.  There are plenty of posts on new healing techniques, but most aren’t original or are too complex.  Something as simple as expanding on the lightwell concept, or the melee healer and totem niches would turn into very nice niches for either class.  Right now, both classes, while still doing thier jobs, are more of a combination of a druid or priest spells.

Quick Update

I am 78 as of last night.  Leveling definitely feels faster now.  I might be able to level again tonight if I focus.  I bought my flying mount, skill, and frozen flying skills.  Still on a slowbie mount but I wont be for long. 


My guild’s first Naxx 10-man ran last night, kinda out of the blue like.  Enough 80’s were on, so why not?  I was disappointed that I was not there pewpewing or healing for them, but it won’t be long.  A little part of me is glad I was not there though.  They took 30 minutes just to agree/remember which addons were required for raiding(Ora2, Deadly Boss Mods, and Omen/KTM) then they realized they had a full melee DPS raid. LoL.  Not exactly a balanced composition, but they made it work.  They killed the first two bosses in the spider wing with only a few wipes.  I would have liked them to one-shot the whole spider-wing but, half the raid was new recurits, so the outcome was acceptable. 


Most of our old-school players are back from where they went(warhammer, life, drama), and as long as they stick around, I forsee strong fast guild progression.  We may even catch up to the other guilds before Blizzard releases any new content.  That is what I am hopeing for at least.

Technical Problems

Unfortunatly, my computer has been on the fritz the last few days.  Thank goodness I remembers to log my characters into inns.  Hopefully before the end of the weekend I will be back to PEWPEWing. 


I reached level 75 before my computer pooped out on me, and let me tell you, Lava Burst is freaking amazeing!  Frist chance I got, I Flame Shocked a mob and Lava Brusted it off.  BAM! 3200 crit.  None of my spells even get close to 3k crits.  I see fire and lava in my future, and I like it!

Resto Power!

Last night I got the itch to do some instances.  I swung my respec hammer(I mean staff) on top of the Restoration tree and began the instance Drak’Tharon Keep.

First off, the experience I gained from doing 5 instances that night was minuscule to what I would have received if I chose to do quests. Over all it was a bust when it came to leveling, but I met a couple really cool players that offered to do instances with me.

Drak’Tharon Keep consists of four bosses:

  • Trollgore: Large Troll boss. Easy tank-spank.
  • Novos the Summoner: Mob-spawning decurseing lich. If you don’t decurse, you have a problem. Thank goodness for Cleanse Spirit.
  • King Dred: Hungry dino! Watch out for the aoe fear! Tremor totem hooeeeee!
  • The Prophet Tharon’ja: This boss is fun! He turns everyone into skellies periodically. Make sure your group finds their heal buttons when they’re skellies or you’ll have a heart-attack.
  • Once I figured out the little abilities, like dino’s fear and Novos’s curse, this instance was a piece of cake to heal. We ran Drak’Tharon Keep probably four times before we tried run Violet Hold and realized I had no way up to Dalaran without a mage. Scrapping that idea, we tried Azjol-Nerub.

    There was nothing to troublesome in Azjol-Nerub; that may have been due to our 78 deathknight tank. The whole instance flew by in like 15 minutes. One instant I was webbed, but no one died because of it.

    I’m not sure if I will continue doing instances tonight or quest again. To be honest, I’m a little sick of questing; last night was a breath of fresh air… and loot.


    After finishing the Tundra(yes, all 130 quests), I moved to Dragonblight cautiously.  I had heard that some players like to go to Howling forge, some skip it completely.  After completing 10ish quests in Dragonblight and complaining about the how many times I had to return to the NPC hub to turn in quests, only to get 3 more quests for the same damn area, I decided to try out Howling Forge.  I’m hoping the quests there won’t be so back and forth.


    After weeks of leveling my shaman, I’m hearing comments from forums and in-game about how Circle of Healing and Wild Growth are limiting the need for Shamans and Paladins 10 and 25-man encounters, namely some new Onixyia encounter.  I hope I haven’t picked the wrong class to level first!  Regardless, I’m sure the gap isn’t too wide, at least I hope it’s not.  GOGO Leveling!