After finishing the Tundra(yes, all 130 quests), I moved to Dragonblight cautiously.  I had heard that some players like to go to Howling forge, some skip it completely.  After completing 10ish quests in Dragonblight and complaining about the how many times I had to return to the NPC hub to turn in quests, only to get 3 more quests for the same damn area, I decided to try out Howling Forge.  I’m hoping the quests there won’t be so back and forth.


After weeks of leveling my shaman, I’m hearing comments from forums and in-game about how Circle of Healing and Wild Growth are limiting the need for Shamans and Paladins 10 and 25-man encounters, namely some new Onixyia encounter.  I hope I haven’t picked the wrong class to level first!  Regardless, I’m sure the gap isn’t too wide, at least I hope it’s not.  GOGO Leveling!


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