Quick Update

I am 78 as of last night.  Leveling definitely feels faster now.  I might be able to level again tonight if I focus.  I bought my flying mount, skill, and frozen flying skills.  Still on a slowbie mount but I wont be for long. 


My guild’s first Naxx 10-man ran last night, kinda out of the blue like.  Enough 80’s were on, so why not?  I was disappointed that I was not there pewpewing or healing for them, but it won’t be long.  A little part of me is glad I was not there though.  They took 30 minutes just to agree/remember which addons were required for raiding(Ora2, Deadly Boss Mods, and Omen/KTM) then they realized they had a full melee DPS raid. LoL.  Not exactly a balanced composition, but they made it work.  They killed the first two bosses in the spider wing with only a few wipes.  I would have liked them to one-shot the whole spider-wing but, half the raid was new recurits, so the outcome was acceptable. 


Most of our old-school players are back from where they went(warhammer, life, drama), and as long as they stick around, I forsee strong fast guild progression.  We may even catch up to the other guilds before Blizzard releases any new content.  That is what I am hopeing for at least.


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