Last night , I took a break leveling my shaman to heal for some friends who recently reactivated their accounts for Wrath.  My druid healed.  I miss my HOTs(Heal Over Time) spells.  Healing with my shaman requires much more attention to bars and incoming damage, where playing my druid, I maintain my HOTs and occasionally toss a Healing Touch or Swiftmend out.  In some ways, healing as a shaman is more engaging than as a druid, but in some fights, I really wish I had chain heal and my poison cleansing totem.

I was half hoping I could level in the dungeons with all the rested xp I had, but we had a couple 74s, which killed the EXP I gained.  My druid is still level 70. :*(  I half want to level her jsut to keep up with my friends, but it is more important for me to get my shaman to 80 so I can help the guild raid.


In my opinon, healing for druid should be all about HOTs.  If I had my way, I would use nothing but HOTs.  I like that it’s our niche, but if I think of the shaman healing niche, all I come up with is Chain Heal.  While Chain Heal is a good spell(I probably use it more than I should), I think they need to define shaman’s healing style as well as they do with druids.  I think Pallys need the same attention, though this is based on observation and not practice.  I have not played a pally or priest, yet.  Priests on the other hand have a clear niche, at least in the Discipline tree.  Damage Mitigation.  It’s like a preventative type of healing instead of an additive type.  So instead of refilling the HP cup, they’re preventing the HP from escaping.   In the whole game of healing, this is probably the most original niche so far.

If they could tighten the niches for pallys and shamans, I think the healing game would be much more diverse.  While druids are the masters of HOTs, priests are the rulers of damage mitigation, Shamans and Pally could be the kings and queens of their own niches.  There are plenty of posts on new healing techniques, but most aren’t original or are too complex.  Something as simple as expanding on the lightwell concept, or the melee healer and totem niches would turn into very nice niches for either class.  Right now, both classes, while still doing thier jobs, are more of a combination of a druid or priest spells.


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