Level 80 reached! Not quite today, but last week. I know, I’m a bad blogger, but I’ve been busy with de’ heroics and bgs.


The inevitable respec to resto has happened. I’m not so upset about it as I am disappointed. Does *anyone* play healer classes(specs) anymore. The obvious answer is no for now. It probably has to do with leveling specs and such. I know I would never level as resto, so I can’t blame other players for not being as practical as I am, at least in regards to killing bosses and getting the phat loots.

On the other hand, I have the bored feeling creeping back from months ago, when raiding was torture, and all i wanted for Christmas was three weeks off from the game. My excitement is still holding that horrendous nagging down; who knows for how long.

I do love raiding, on the good days. On the bad days, I want to cancel my account. A year ago, the good balanced the bad out pretty well, but the last six months of raiding before Wrath, was worse than working in customer service getting paid minimum wage(been there, done that, not doing it again). So I’m sticking around, holding down the fort, saving private ryan, at least until I can tell whether the Old Schoolies are serious about raiding or will fizzle out. I really hope there is no fizzling.

Happy Holidays!
Bros before HO HO HOs!


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