Happy Holidays!

Thank goodness they’re over…

My guild did our frist ever guild only Naxx run Tuesday.  We cleared all wings in under 4 hours.  I’m not sure where that ranks in other guilds, but considering it’s our second full naxx run, I think we did pretty well.  The Frost Drake is our next goal.  We pulled him/her a couple times, but there wasn’t any rush to get it done.  I’m at 2pieces of the resto teir-7 with a couple badge peices and the rockin’ epic caster mace from Heroic Nexus.  My mana regen is much better than it was, but my haste is really limiting.

I’m a shamed to say our pally, Nettogrof, absolutly rocked me on the healing meters.  Now don’t get the wrong idea, that I weight my skill solely on where I am in the list, but it’s a nice competitive edge to a very uncompetitive part of the game.  I like knowing I put out the most effective healing, but the bottom line will always be to do my job, which is keeping the raid alive and kickin’.


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