Heoric Sarth

Is easy as pie.

I went with a PUG consisting of mostly Focused Aggression and Wendigo Brewing Co.  I think I saw a couple Puppies in there too.  Literally, the directions they gave me was to either, enter portals or don’t enter portals.  Was Bliz trying to make all the content PUGable?  Because I can’t imagine there being any other impresssion after what I’ve seen in this 25-man. 

I would try to give a run down on the fights, but I don’t really know what was going on except the portal things and the fact that we either had too many healers or there just wasn’t enough damage going on.  I was overhealing with my instants, let alone my casts.  I think I could have spammed lightning bolts and been more productive. 

I’m starting to get the idea that all the instances, 25-mans and below, require 3 healers at the most.  I can see a well geared healer soloing most of the fights in Naxx, healing wise.  If they didn’t require the raid spliting up, I doubt we’d be useing more than one healer in 3 months.  Kinda sad.  I understand how tanks feel now when it came to raid spots in BC. 

When the dual-specs come out, players will be so much better off for encounters.  Loot distribution will be hairy though.  I know I’d be tempted to role on some hit gear…of coruse I’d never take it from someone who dpsed all the time, would I?


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