Arena: Frist Look

Last night, some friends asked me if I would like to do a 3v3 with them.  I hesitated saying, “hell ya!” because I have no resilence and four peices of cloth in my gear(not to mention no trinket either).  I warned them that I was squishy and accepted their offer. 

Sufficed to say, I died with in the frist 15 seconds of most of the fights.  Long enough to pop heroism and a couple heals, then I was dog food.  I walked in the situation anticipating this (apparently my friends did too), so my pride wasn’t hurt as much as it was when I did 5v5s with a friend and three pugs.  I could tell, they were trying real hard to win (not that I wasn’t, just a different mindset when you have the gear and when you don’t), again I would pop heroism and heal a bit, then get rocked.  Usually a dk and rogue, or dk and warrior slam into me once I’m discovered.

I have to admit, being asking, “Why are you wearing cloth when you can wear mail?!” was frustrating.  Was it such a forgien concept to that a PVEr would wear gear with the most spell damage, haste, or MP5 over a mail piece with less?  I mean, it makes sense to me.  I went into the games professing how squishy and undergeared I was for arenas.  “We wouldn’t be able to do the games at all without you,” was one response.  Regardless, we did all 10 games.  At least I’ll have points next week.  Gotta get the gear somehow.


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