I’ve been’a’slack’in on my blog posts.  So here’s a recap of the last 2 weeks:

  • Decided Resto Shamans got nothing on resto druids as far as quality of play time.
  • Speced Ele-Pewpew!
  • Filled my inventory slots with any Ele-type dps items.
  • Hit 3,200 dps in 25-naxx and 2,500 dps in 10-naxx.
  • Played ten 3v3 games with a boomkin and mage.  Lots of fun!
  • Druid leveled to 74 almost.
  • Researching Inscription Glyphs. 
  • Exalted with Wyrmrest working on the Kirin.
  • Still no epic flying mount on meh Shaman(could have bought it, but I have other plans for my profit, what they are, I’m still fuzzy on).


With that out of the way, lets move on to the juice.  I love Elemental dps.  I may not be able to pump out 6k dps(yet), but I’m having alot more fun in raids than I was healing.  I finally dug my heels into the ground enough to tell our raid leaders, “take me or leave me(as dps).”  I would have been content with either response(considering how easy it seems to be to get a spot in a pug).  Except for a couple jabs at me not being a healer anymore, they were gracious about me dpsing. 

‘N so my dps adventure begins, happily and vindicated.  I don’t have my exact specs right now, but I’ll tell ya estimates(unbuffed).

  • 21.5 Crit
  • 1600 Spell Power(yuck!)
  • 215 Hit
  • 430 Haste

That’s all the important stuff.  I suppose I could give  you my Int value, if I remembered it.  As it stands, maxing my Hit then my SP are my top priorities.  My Wrath totems helps immensely in raids as far as SP goes.  I’ll go over my talents at some point, right now, time isn’t on my side.

I’ll conclude this entry with a promise for better numbers, more posts, ‘n a stiff drink with the next one.   Pewpew!


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