The last couple days I’ve been leveling my druid off and on.  I need her herbalism for inscription and it would be nice to be able to make my own pots.  She’s balanced, and still in level 70 epic gear.  She still packs a punch when I get jumped by horde though.  I put the smack down on a 76 hunter and a 74 rogue after the hunter caught me low hp and health while fighting a mob.  I swoopped back in though and owned em(switched to my 70 pvp gear also hehe), then owned the rogue when he tried to help the hunter.  Revenge is always the best reason the gank!


I’m a bad guildie; I skipped the raid last night to watch a marathon I downloaded.  They did just fine with out me though, which is both expected and irking. 

I probably could have sat out and still gotten points for the night; my expierence tells me we’ll be doing the same instance for a very long time, and I have more chance of getting sick of the darn thing, than not getting enough of it.  I could probably sneak into a wendigo or puppies 25-man naxx if I tried.  😛  We’ll see.

Here’s to leveling a second 80!  Will I bother with my rogue….probably not.  I’m really enjoying my ele shaman, I think I’ll finish my hunter next.  Always loved Pokemon haha!


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