After finishing the Tundra(yes, all 130 quests), I moved to Dragonblight cautiously.  I had heard that some players like to go to Howling forge, some skip it completely.  After completing 10ish quests in Dragonblight and complaining about the how many times I had to return to the NPC hub to turn in quests, only to get 3 more quests for the same damn area, I decided to try out Howling Forge.  I’m hoping the quests there won’t be so back and forth.


After weeks of leveling my shaman, I’m hearing comments from forums and in-game about how Circle of Healing and Wild Growth are limiting the need for Shamans and Paladins 10 and 25-man encounters, namely some new Onixyia encounter.  I hope I haven’t picked the wrong class to level first!  Regardless, I’m sure the gap isn’t too wide, at least I hope it’s not.  GOGO Leveling!


From leaves to lightning…

I began leveling a Shaman about 6 months ago off and on, never really playing for more than a half hour, mainly because of being beat horribly by them in bosses in Black Temple. I have played a Resto Druid for nearly 3 years now, frist leveling a rogue, but then realizing how futile is was to find a guild without two dozen Seagulls…I mean rogues. (Have you seen Finding Nemo? Remember the Seagulls? “Mine, mine, mine, mine…” etc.)


Playing a Resto Druid was my life (well, for 20-25 hours a week, it was). I have rolled with the punchs for 3 years. I am not going to complain in this post(in.this.post.haha). I would say it is time for a change, nothing to drastic though, so in combination with the 3.1 patch, I decided to finish leveling my Shaman and make her my main for Wrath, that is the plan anyway.

My druid will always be my frist Romulo-of-Characters, and maybe the “Tree of Love” will grow once more when I begin leveling her to 80 in a couple months. For now, I’m all Bad Ass-Lighting Bolt-Pew-Pew-Machine Gun of Elemental Fury Which Thou Hast No… anyway, although, I will add Riptide is my new favorite healing spell between both characters.

Some comments on Elemental Shamans based on my 66 levels of expierence:

  • Getting jumped by a rogue or feral druid is devasating. Not because they kill me, but because I could kill them in 3 shots, if I could get that many casts off.
  • Water Shield should be considered the 10th wonder of the world. Before Water Shield, it was pew-drink-pew-drink with not a consecutive kill in sight. Now it’s rare I have to drink when questing or grinding.
  • Everyone says to level Enhancement as a Shaman. At the beginning levels, I am sure it is a smart idea. I, unfortunatly, have been a melee dps class, and found it very boring, hence I leveled Elemental from day one. I admit it was slow at frist but still enjoyable.
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